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Maze Puzzle Skill Strategy Game Giraffe 0


The object of this sliding block puzzle game is to escape each room by pushing and sliding blocks to clear a pathway to the exit. There are a number of different block types that complicate matters and force you to plan ahead and develop a strategy for your escape. Use the arrow keys to move around the playing field (you are the small white circle), and to interact with the various box types: Sliders, Blockers, Pushers, Zappers, and Selectors. Sliders: this type of block have arrows on them indicating the valid directions it can move. You may push blocks of this type in a valid direction only if there is nothing blocking its path. Blockers: these blocks are indicated by a red "X" and cannot be moved. Period. Pushers: this type of block is cyan blue in color and points in the direction that it will move by itself once its path is clear. Pushers cannot be pushed in any direction, and therefore act as blockers. Zappers: this type of block will transport you from the back (triangle base) to the front (triangle point) if there is no other block in front of it. Simply approach from behind and move as if to push the block to transport. Zappers cannot be pushed in any direction, and therefore act as blockers. Selectors: this type of block can only be pushed by other blocks, and yet can also be walked through if 'open'. Closed selectors have an "X" through them and act as a blocker. An important note about playing: You can push a string of boxes only if each individual box in the sequence can be moved in the direction you are pushing. CyberBox will certainly challenge your wit and force you to strategize your next move. Careful not to get frustrated and throw your computer through a window, as the game does not save your progress. If you get stuck or make the wrong move, press the [R] key to retry the level. You get only four (4) retries before having to start the game from the beginning.


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